Fire Alarm Systems Leeds

Here at Kylefire we have been providing comprehensive fire alarm systems for over 30 years, our dedicated and professional team operate across Leeds to carry out the supply, installation and maintenance of a variety of fire protection and detection equipment which includes emergency lighting, wireless alarms and VESDA alarms.

We put our customers first by ensuring the work we carry out is of the highest standards and by responding as quickly as possible to your needs. Fire alarm maintenance is an essential part of what we do, ensuring you’re alerted to any fires straight away by your alarms. This is vital in keeping people inside and outside of your building safe from the threat which fire and smoke poses.

Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Protecting your building and its occupants from the threat of fire is your responsibility as the owner or manager of the premises. Fire extinguishers are integral to this and that’s why our expert technicians offer professional advice when choosing the right extinguishers for your needs – we have been utilising our knowledge of the guidelines and regulations for many years.

We operate across Leeds to provide fire extinguisher hire and fire extinguisher servicing so you can be sure that your commercial premises are in line with the law and insurance regulations.

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