Emergency Lighting

All emergency lighting systems are required to be subjected to regular testing and inspection to ensure correct operation if they are ever needed in the event of an emergency. All too often emergency lighting has been seen as a ‘fit and forget’ product and, even if you have had a specialist consultant design an emergency lighting installation for your specific environment, periodic maintenance is essential.

If you own or manage a commercial property it is your responsibility to test and maintain your emergency lighting system in order to meet all your legal requirements and contractual obligations. Sub-contracting the task of maintaining systems is therefore an attractive proposition to many occupiers and landlords, as you can be sure of a professional service conducted by fire safety experts.

Emergency lighting maintenance should be carried out at 6 monthly intervals for self-contained luminaries, in addition to conducting monthly flash tests as stipulated by the BS EN 5266. However, if the latter is not being carried out, we would recommend the service intervals be 3 monthly. Whatever maintenance schedule you select, our comprehensive service ensures we can be of assistance and our fully trained and highly experienced fire industry specialists offer a complete servicing package, including:

  • Contact with site manager on arrival
  • Full battery and charger inspection and test
  • Test the operation of each light and confirm that it works efficiently for at least one hour; cleaning diffusers as required
  • Every three years (unless otherwise stipulated by enforcing authority) test each lamp for full specified duration
  • Enter details of the service into site log book

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